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WFI Group offers a vast array of innovative solutions, via our business units, that leverage our breakthrough proprietary technologies and extensive know-how to solve the most pressing water treatment challenges. From biological wastewater treatment, removal of inorganic pollutants from water, ultra-high recovery RO desalination, and project integration, to cross-platform models, our solutions enhance environmental sustainability, address water scarcity and add value to water, benefiting people, communities and organizations around the globe.

Ultra-High Recovery RO Desalination

Whether you’re looking to improve the performance of an existing desalination project or build one from scratch, ROTEC’s innovative solutions can provide the best reverse osmosis water system for your needs.

With our unique approach, you can recover up to 98% of water and increase water production by up to 25%, while reducing your operating costs and improving sustainability. Our field-proven solutions offering includes new ultra-high recovery plants, retrofit packages, engineering design, and brine concentrator units.

In order to enable our customers to focus on their core business, we provide them with modular and turnkey RO desalination solutions comprising design, manufacturing, construction, operations & maintenance (O&M), and support.

Market Segments and Applications

Our solutions are applicable for municipal wastewater recycling and treatment of surface water, groundwater, BWRO, Ultra-Pure Water (UPW), and SWRO for improving the second pass recovery rate. They are also suitable for wastewater treatment in varied industries, such as for food & beverage, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and power plants.

With our robust, cost-effective solutions and our agile, responsive team, our customers recover and produce more water – risk free.

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Biological wastewater treatment

Municipalities, communities and farmers face significant regulatory challenges and cost increases around their wastewater treatment. Triple-T’s TAYA solutions offer a new, cost-effective and sustainable alternative, transforming biotreatment of wastewater from a burden into an asset.

Our game-changing “fit and forget” solutions are based on gravel and plastic fixed film media biological processes, utilizing passive aeration by atmospheric oxygen to treat domestic and livestock wastewater.

Leveraging our proprietary, eco-friendly TAYA technology, our smart and seamless solutions dramatically reduce sludge and related handling, simplify operation and minimize labor, translating into significantly lower OPEX. Due to their high operational benefits, TAYA solutions outperform traditional intensive solutions.

Our TAYA ECO, TAYA GO and TAYA GROW solutions address varied applications for municipalities, decentralized communities, and farms of any size. All TAYA solutions are modular, ranging in capacity from 100-50,000 m4/day, and are provided as full-service projects, including engineering, construction, support, piloting, consulting and R&D.

With TAYA solutions, our customers enjoy easy, minimized operation with peace of mind, while gaining wastewater reuse autonomy, with huge cost and energy savings.

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Inorganic pollutants water treatment

Industry, public utilities and municipalities need water treatment solutions that provide powerful public health and economic returns on their investment.

ToxSorb offers a cost-effective, environmentally sound way to selectively remove inorganic contaminants with extraordinary precision, transforming polluted water into valuable assets. Using our ground-breaking proprietary MAC technology, which is engineered to selectively adsorb inorganic toxins, our solutions further support a circular economy by recovering pollutants that can be converted into valuable assets at near-zero cost. Additionally, for industrial water recycling, our solutions deliver near-Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) wastewater treatment.

Our solutions remove some of the most dangerous pollutants, including perchlorate, chromium, arsenate, phosphate, nitrate and ammonia.

Our end-to-end service offering spans R&D and engineering to pilot demonstration, through to construction and operation of full-scale plants. We work hand in hand with customers, providing modular and turnkey solutions that meet their needs and enable them to optimize their core business.

By pinpointing the contaminants and enabling on-site regeneration, ToxSorb solutions minimize brine, reducing OPEX and environmental impact, for enhanced public health and sustainability. Our solutions provide peace of mind and open new revenue streams for our customers.

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Integration and project management

Water and wastewater treatment can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Whatever your water challenge, AST can provide a fast and flexible turnkey solution that solves your challenge and adds value to your water, maximizing return on your water treatment investment.

Our holistic engineering, integration and project management (PM) solutions bring together the best available water and wastewater treatment technologies, from WFI business units and other technology leaders, implementing sophisticated engineering tools for industrial process control that enable customers to autonomously manage their systems and plant.

Leveraging our extensive real-world experience, we deliver the most cost-effective, timesaving and environmentally friendly solutions that meet and exceed customers’ requirements.

Our tailored turnkey solutions address the widest range of needs for integrated water treatment and resources management for customers around the globe, including process engineering, automation & control software, purchasing, and construction, commissioning, support, O&M, and turnkey project management.

From concept through deployment, our agile approach provides customers with comprehensive integration, project management solutions that deliver clear water value.

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Water and wastewater treatment solutions can play a valuable role in supporting sustainable communities worldwide. We strive to enable treated water and wastewater to be recycled and reused in multiple ways – meeting irrigation, river quality and potable water standards. With the goal of retaining raw materials, including water and nutrients, our circular economy approach enables near-zero-cost treatment, shifting from savings to growth, as presented in our cross platforms below.

Potable water
from municipal
wastewater reuse

In this sustainable model, wastewater is first treated using a novel biological approach, and then desalinated at an ultra-high recovery rate. This solution achieves potable water quality while saving water, time and cost.

Holistic water
cycle for
coastal community

This model empowers a coastal community by using reverse osmosis desalination to produce high-quality drinking water. The community’s wastewater is converted into high-quality water for irrigation, via biological wastewater treatment. With this holistic model, the entire water cycle is treated in the community, providing it with clear water autonomy.

Creating value from

This cross-platform model demonstrates ammonia extraction from chicken or pig manure by anaerobic or aerobic reactors, respectively. Our game-changing technology combines highly efficient processes that enable ammonia removal and recovery, allowing it to be sold as a high-quality fertilizer, creating revenues that can offset the operational costs. Additionally, the ammonia extraction process provides a new biogas-based energy source.

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