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As a business unit of the WFI Group, TOXSORB is determined to create meaningful improvements for the global environment and people’s wellbeing through advanced solutions that remove and destroy harmful inorganic pollutants from water.


Deliver sustainable drinking water and industrial wastewater treatment solutions based on game-changing contaminant removal technologies.

We aim to protect public health at the highest level, while enabling our customers to reduce, reuse and recover resources, shifting the economic model from savings to growth.

We offer a cost-effective, environmentally sound way to selectively remove inorganic contaminants from groundwater and industrial water with extraordinary precision. Using our innovative proprietary MAC technology, which catalytically breaks down specific pollutants such as perchlorate, chromium and cyanide, our solutions achieve non-detect levels. Additionally, we enable near-Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) wastewater treatment for industrial wastewater recycling.

By pinpointing and selectively removing the contaminants, as well as enabling on-site regeneration, our solutions minimize brine, reducing OPEX and environmental impact. For over a decade, our unique approach has successfully provided customers around the world with peace of mind and opportunities for new revenue streams, supporting the circular economy model.

At our core, we are driven to add value for our customers. With vast process know-how and a profound understanding of the water chemistry and treatment challenges of each customer, we design and implement the most cost-efficient contaminant removal solution. Leveraging more than 25 years’ experience in the field, our highly skilled and motivated team works closely with customers in modular and turnkey projects. They expertly handle the whole process, from R&D and engineering to pilot demonstration, through to construction and operation. Our solutions comply with the most stringent industry standards, including NSF61.

With our deep belief in the power of innovation to enhance the welfare of people and our planet, we constantly strive to advance our solutions and services, and drive ever-greater success for our customers.

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