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150 m³/hour

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Expansion to phase II pilot


A world leading company with a legacy of 50 years’ innovation and technological development, global presence in over 100 countries, and a strong focus on industries essential for human development, such as industrial chemicals.

ToxSorb conducted a pilot which was completed within 3 months, providing high-quality purified brine for clean fertilizer production. The project demonstrated clear value for the customer – shifting from savings to growth.

The Need

The mine, located in northern Chile, faced an urgent need to remove perchlorate of high-concentration levels which was causing significant damage to their fertilizers. The company approached ToxSorb with the challenging target of reducing the perchlorate level by two-thirds, based on Toxsorb’s patented technology for cost-effective contaminant removal.

The Process

In the first module, we took the brine, comprising Perchlorate (the contaminant) and Nitrate (the required raw substance) and injected a proprietary PA (Precipitating Agent). The brine flow comprised a Perchlorate concentration of below 1 gr/liter. The PA Flowtate was then recovered in a second module for reuse, enabling significant cost savings. In addition, the Perchlorate was refined and converted into a highly valuable commodity.


The project was implemented on a field scale pilot, achieving significantly lower Perchlorate concentration than the goal originally defined by the customer. Using our cutting-edge proprietary technology, we managed to remove the perchlorate, meeting customer demands, while recycling the PA for additional use in the process and increasing the fertilizer quality. Hence, we resolved the challenge of generating savings by reducing 50% of the OPEX in comparison with the target price defined by the customer.

Moreover, we created an additional potential revenue stream for our customer, based on the circular economy approach.

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