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Vital Jugos, Coca Cola Group




Santiago, Chile


2160 m³/day

Project Type

Wastewater RO desalination




Our local representative approached the customer – Vital Jugos. During a visit to ROTEC in Israel, they were highly impressed with our technology, local successful installations as well as our professional, dedicated team. ROTEC was selected over local vendors despite the lower price they offered.

The Vital Jugos industrial wastewater treatment plant accomplished continuous high recovery of 85% due to the implementation of our cutting-edge proprietary Flow Reversal technology, challenging conventional design thinking, and achieving huge water and cost savings.


Vital Jugos (Coca Cola Group) needed a new high recovery desalination solution to replace an existing one, in order to treat ground water with a high level of Silica in a cost-effective manner, and produce a sufficient amount of water to meet their production goals.

The Process

ROTEC designed and built a new UF-RO system located at a Chilean beverage factory, delivering after sales support via a local partner. Based on our proprietary breakthrough Flow Reversal technology, the desalination plant achieved a recovery rate of 85%. The UF unit operates at a maximal capacity of 90 m³/hr and the RO unit operates at a maximal capacity of 60 m³/h feed flow.

The main objective of the project was to provide a new water treatment plant composed of low-pressure brackish water filtration (UF) along with our novel and unique Flow Reversal technology – achieving a significantly higher recovery rate than the standard RO design.

More Water Production, More Peace of Mind

The ROTEC RO desalination system has been operating successfully at the Coca-Cola Vital plant, delivering the following benefits:

  • 85% recovery, the highest performance for a low-pressure UF/RO system
  • Successful operation without increasing pressure or energy consumption
  • Proven resistance to silica scaling, the major limiting factor to high-recovery operations

Due to the high recovery the customer managed to exploit the raw water in the most efficient way in order to meet their high demand production during peak seasons.

The plant achieved ultra-high recovery along with smooth operation, no downtime or CIP cleaning, reducing chemical consumption, labor and OPEX.

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