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Triple-T tackles some of the world’s most pressing wastewater challenges through robust, long-term, in-house R&D. All our flagship proprietary wastewater treatment technologies are game changers. They outperform competing wastewater treatment technologies and transform agricultural and municipal wastewater into valuable assets. In line with the WFI Group vision, and with genuine drive and care for people and the environment, our technologies power breakthrough solutions that enhance public health, sustainability and growth.




TAYA is a patented biological wastewater treatment technology for municipal and agricultural applications. It is a hybrid platform that combines the simplicity and operational benefits of extensive systems, with the highly effective treatment capabilities of intensive systems.

Wastewater treatment poses significant regulatory and cost challenges. TAYA relieves the burden by dramatically reducing sludge, labor and eco-impact, while providing extraordinary ease of use and peace of mind. This superior technology treats effluent as an asset, enabling huge savings.


TAYA is a reciprocal wastewater treatment technology incorporating the filling and draining, of pairs of basins filled with gravel or plastic media, to achieve passive aeration. The basins are connected with a pumping chamber. Using a proprietary pumping array, the wastewater is constantly circulated between the basins. In this manner the wastewater is constantly circulated between the two basins. Each time a basin is filled, influent ammonia and COD are supplied to the biofilm growing on the media. Once drained, the bacteria in the biofilm is exposed to atmospheric oxygen for nitrification and COD reduction. Nitrate removal occurs while filling the basin. The TAYA passive aeration eliminates the need for high energy consumption modules used in traditional wastewater treatment technologies.



TAYA technology is implemented with different media, depending on the application. Gravel media-based solutions (TAYA ECO and TAYA GO) are suitable for domestic wastewater or effluent polish upgrade.

With TAYA ECO, energy consumption is significantly reduced, as gravitational leveling between the basins enables intermittent use of the pumps. In addition, using bacteria starvation, sludge is reduced to the minimum in a smart and efficient way.

Plastic media-based solutions (TAYA GROW) treat manure for heavy organic load of high Total Nitrogen (TN) and ammonia levels. TAYA GROW is customized upon demand, based on the required effluent level and the available footprint for manure spreading.


TAYA enables exceptionally high treatment efficiency, with up to 90% reduction of BOD, COD and Total-N. At the same time, it slashes energy consumption by 80-85% compared with traditional technologies and does not require intensive secondary sludge handling due to gravel cleaning only once every 8-10 years. It also requires less labor and maintenance, thanks to the low amount of electro-mechanical equipment and infrequent onsite visits needed just once a week!
Simple installation, operation and minimal labor needs make TAYA the perfect technology for use in agriculture, municipalities and decentralized communities. Turning the burden of wastewater treatment into an asset, TAYA provides peace of mind, huge savings and water autonomy – enabling reuse of the effluent by the community.


TAYA technology, implemented in a TAYA GROW solution, won 3rd place in the Ivan Tolpe Award 2019, Belgium, for innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient manure processing.

“The energy and economic costs (of TAYA) have been calculated and compared with the costs of a traditional denitrification process, and are around 70% of traditional ones.”

LifeDop Report, 2017

“TAYA Technology is an excellent alternative to process pig manure generated on small farms with minimal impact and reduced OPEX.”

Hector Sunchez Munor, Head of Treatment Area, Agrosuper, 2017.

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