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TOXSORB provides water and wastewater pollution treatment for agricultural, industrial and potable use – NSF 61 certified. Specializing in the selective removal of inorganic contaminants with near zero brine, we enable safer and cleaner water. We also offer recovery of resources with breakthrough technologies, creating new revenue streams.

Drinking water treatment

Groundwater remediation

Industrial wastewater treatment

Mining water treatment

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A business unit of the WFI Group, TOXSORB provides proven water and wastewater treatment solutions for safe and clear water value – to enhance public health and sustainability.

Using our proprietary MAC technology, we selectively remove contaminants from groundwater, industrial water and wastewater with exceptional accuracy. By achieving non-detect levels and exceeding the highest international standards, we enable customers to reuse purified water as a valuable resource for drinking, industry and mining.

We rise to each challenge with dedication, utilizing our high-level skills, vast experience and profound research expertise, backed by our full-service laboratory. For over a decade, our near-zero-cost approach based on the circular economy model has proven effective at converting polluted water into tangible and precious assets, with low energy consumption – minimizing eco-footprint, saving water and OPEX, and, creating new revenue streams.


Our Mission

Deliver sustainable drinking water and industrial wastewater treatment solutions based on game-changing contaminant removal technologies. We aim to protect public health at the highest level, while enabling our customers to reduce, reuse and recover resources, shifting the economic model from savings to growth.
Drinking Water
Drinking Water
Industrial Wastewater
Industrial Wastewater
Mining Wastewater
Mining Wastewater


Our groundbreaking MAC technology enables extraordinary selective removal of inorganic contaminants, while preserving the capability to absorb organic contaminants, via modification of traditional activated carbon. Each MAC platform has both selectivity and affinity towards a specific pollutant. Proprietary MAC technology is NSF approved for chromium, cyanide and perchlorate removal for recycling of groundwater into drinking water. It also enables removal of lead and other pollutants.

MAC Advantages:

Destroys pollutants
Catalytic breakdown of the pollutant enables safe discharge of detoxified brine, dramatically reducing haulage cost.
Extremely selective
Captures target pollutants while ignoring non-essential molecules, outperforming traditional ion exchange technologies
Expanded media capacity and regeneration, with long-lasting filters, reduces OPEX
Media effectiveness remains unchanged even post-regeneration.
Dual Platform
Simultaneously treats inorganic and organic pollutants

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Chromium Removal
Our media is extremely effective at selectively removing hexavalent chromium from drinking water and industrial wastewater, using catalytic reduction, even when there is a high concentration of other salts. This increases water reuse, dramatically reduces evacuation cost, and enhances water safety and quality.
Perchlorate Removal
Our solutions both adsorb and destruct perchlorate from drinking water and industrial wastewater, meeting the strictest regulatory standard, with ultra-low OPEX. Highly concentrated perchlorate is recovered as clean potassium perchlorate, a potential additional revenue stream.
Phosphate Removal
Our breakthrough solution enables exceptional and cost-effective removal of phosphate from water to sub ppm levels. Using 80-90% less chemicals than alternatives, our solutions deliver increased water and cost savings while mitigating environmental impact.
Ammonia Removal
We are developing solutions that efficiently extract ammonia from agricultural wastewater so that the water can be reused, and the ammonia recovered as valuable fertilizer.
Nitrate Removal
Our proprietary carbon-based reactor allows reduced OPEX compared to conventional nitrate selective ion exchange. The reactor also enables the nitrate to be recovered as high-quality potassium nitrate fertilizer – a near-zero cost process.
Cyanide Removal
Our game changing solution removes cyanide from water and wastewater up to non-detect levels – eliminating chemicals, guaranteeing near zero brine, and dramatically reducing OPEX. It comes with a seal of NSF61 approval.

ToxSorb provides industrial wastewater and drinking water treatment solutions comprising systems for removing harmful pollutants from a wide variety of water sources, while generating profitable water assets. Our solutions improve public health, increase sustainability and boost savings.

Our end-to-end service offering spans R&D and engineering to pilot demonstration, through to construction and operation. We work hand in hand with customers, providing modular and turnkey solutions that meet their needs and enable them to optimize their core business.

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We are proud to serve a wide range of customers and collaborate with strategic partners worldwide,
including water and regulatory authorities, as well as industrial and mining companies.


TOXSORB offers a cost-effective, sustainable and eco-friendly perchlorate removal solution with a double value process, recovering, reusing and renewing pollutants for water circular economy
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