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Town of Bennett, CO, USA




Bennett, CO, USA


7,200 GPD (27 m³/d)

Project Type

Municipal Wastewater Treatment


Operational Demo Project


We were approached through a local consultant to the developer of the Town of Bennet, who was highly impressed with the TAYA technology presented to him at the Menashe facility in Israel, and decided to progress with the pilot implementation as the industry-first facility to demonstrate a simple and cost-effective reuse solution to alleviate the water shortage problem. For over a decade, TAYA has been the go-to solution for Israeli communities interested in maintaining a sustainable water supply, but lacking the local expertise to manage the complexity of conventional treatment solutions.


The Town of Bennett resides on a high desert plain, with little access to natural water resources. They needed to provide affordable water for self-irrigation, increasing water autonomy, while expanding eastward – creating new sustainable communities. Thus, they were seeking a simple and cost-effective solution for wastewater reuse.

The Process

TAYA is an Israeli-developed wastewater reuse technology, engineered for simplicity, empowering small communities to take ownership over their water resources. Operating with only a single electro-mechanical system, TAYA is designed to achieve the highest quality effluent standards. Most importantly, TAYA’s robust process, minimal electro-mechanical design and automated control features allow it to operate without a dedicated laborer – a benefit few wastewater treatment technologies can claim.

Pilot Treatment Process

A slipstream of raw wastewater from the main sewer line entering the Bennett WWTP is pumped to a septic tank. Then the effluent overflows to a pit from where it is pumped to the TAYA. Temperature and flow are constantly measured. The TAYA influent is mixed with the present liquid volume inside the TAYA and circulated between the two basins using a reciprocating flow regime, at a controlled rate. Each time a basin is filled, organic compounds and ammonia are supplied to the biofilm growing on media. Once a basin is drained, oxygen is supplied to the bacteria. Treated effluent flows from the TAYA into an effluent tank and pumped to the Bennett WWTP. Adjustments such as covering and isolating the TAYA facility were made in order to enable full operation even in extreme cold weather conditions.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

The TAYA system demonstrated impressive results in comparison with conventional treatment, meeting the project requirements.

Following the success of the pilot, the TAYA technology was approved by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) as an alternative treatment technology in Colorado, paving the way for a full-scale community development based on the TAYA ECO GO reuse facility. 


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