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Galvanic Factory






264 m³/day

Project Type

Industrial Wastewater Treatment & Reuse




A galvanic factory in Italy specializing in decorative chrome and nickel plating of furniture, which operated three chromium plating production lines at its site, wanted to maximize water reuse, improve plant efficiency, reduce water, electricity, chemicals and sludge, and also save costs.

The company ordered an industrial wastewater treatment plant from TOXSORB by WFI Group to enable highly efficient rinse water reuse that would produce high-quality water, ensure compliance with strict regulations, and provide water and cost savings.

The Need

The factory was looking for a solution that would maximize the reuse of water in the process, while generating significant cost savings. TOXSORB’s Modified Activated Carbon (MAC) technology for chromium removal and reuse was an ideal solution for the customer’s requirements.

The Process

TOXSORB’s system was engineered to operate in the type of extreme loading conditions that are common at a high-volume decorative chrome factory like this customer had. The goal in this case was to remove heavy spikes of chromium in the rinse water after the electro-plating process, to prevent the buildup of concentrated chromium in the water that occurs through repeated rinsing events.

For this solution, TOXSORB engineered a chromium treatment system for all three chromium plating lines, incorporating the use of TOXSORB’s process know-how and proprietary MAC technology for chromium removal.

TOXSORB’s system design incorporated two basic treatment components:

  1. Central Treatment System: A large, centralized system designed to treat the upstream chromium rinsing basins in each line to meet the effluent requirements for discharge of <1 ppm chromium.
  2. Kidney Treatment Systems: Three smaller kidney systems installed on the final chromium rinsing basin in each line, designed to recirculate and maintain a low electroconductivity value in each basin of <150 us/DM.
Substantial and Sustainable Savings

The customer succeeded in reducing its overall water consumption through smart water reuse, by minimizing chemicals and sludge, and achieving higher water clarity. TOXSORB’s highly efficient solution based on its novel MAC technology supplied robust high-quality rinsing water with low electrical conductivity below 150 us/cm. These achievements also improved the quality of the plating process.

The factory used fewer chemicals as it had eliminated the need for sodium bisulfate and significantly reduced use of caustic soda for precipitation. With reduced chemicals and less water flow, the process produced substantially less sludge.

Importantly, the TOXSORB solution enabled the customer to comply with Italian wastewater requirements as any water now discharged from the factory conforms with Italian regulations for chromium, pH and EC levels.

The deployment of TOXSORB’s solution enabled the customer to reduce its impact on the environment. The factory had reduced its overall water consumption by a factor of 7, while improving both the quality of water that is returned to the rinsing process, and its chrome-plated products.

In short, the project led to substantial water, chemicals and cost savings and enhanced the factory’s productivity.

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