Ultra-high recovery desalination plants of water by reverse osmosis

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Whether you’re looking to improve the performance of an existing desalination plants project or build one from scratch, our innovative solutions can provide the best reverse osmosis water system for your needs. With our unique approach, you can recover up to 98% of water and increase water production by up to 25%, while reducing your operating costs and improving sustainability.

Our field-proven offering includes new ultra-high recovery plants, retrofit packages, engineering design, and brine concentrator units. In order to enable our customers to focus on their core business, we provide them with modular and turnkey RO desalination solutions comprising design, manufacturing, construction, operations & maintenance (O&M), and support.

With our robust, cost-effective solutions and our agile, responsive team, our customers recover and produce more water – risk free.



We have a long track record in providing complete, fully equipped, ultra-high recovery turnkey desalination plants solutions based on our advanced Flow Reversal technology design. These include small, medium and large super-high-recovery BWRO desalination systems and plants.

ROTEC systems include all additional equipment required to allow operation with Flow Reversal technology as an integral part of the BWRO system, and the supplied system includes all the required pre-treatment and post-treatment auxiliary systems.


A unique solution for existing RO desalination systems, our tailor-made retrofit packages enable medium and large operational facilities to reduce the volume of the reject needing further treatment and to either improve the recovery rate by saving feed water or increase yield on product water – all risk-free. The systems are typically modified without interference or downtime, enabling continued operation even during the installation. Our long track record of installations has shown that ROTEC retrofit solutions deliver extremely fast return on investment.

Provided as turnkey projects, our retrofit packages include all the required engineering services, equipment and onsite construction to enable the incorporation of Flow Reversal technology, as well as all the required operational support and training to the local team.


We provide customized engineering design packages to apply, adapt, or incorporate Flow Reversal technology in the grassroots design phase of new and retrofit BWRO desalination facilities.

The engineering package includes a detailed design, controller programming, procurement and production materials, support for supervision and ground services, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, including one year of remote system monitoring and reporting. In addition, ROTEC offers the designing, manufacturing and supplying of the control cabinet itself.


We provide unique brine concentrator RO systems, based on our game-changing Flow Reversal technology principle, that enable the desalination of high-salinity water streams and RO systems reject for the purpose of extracting water that otherwise would be discharged. Our unique solution reduces the costs associated with discharging the reject, enhances sustainability and brings the system to near-Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

Market Segments and Applications

Our solutions are applicable for municipal wastewater recycling and treatment of surface water and ground water,
as well as BWRO. They are also suitable for industrial wastewater treatment, Ultra-Pure Water (UPW),
SWRO for improving the second pass recovery rate, and other applications.

Food & Beverage
Oil & Gas

ROTEC’s patented Flow Reversal technology brings an entirely new approach to desalination of brackish water and industrial wastewater by reverse osmosis (RO), overcoming all the limitations of standard RO desalination. By adding specially designed components to a standard RO system, we can periodically change the direction of the water flow. With the flow constantly being reversed, the tail and lead elements of the pressure vessel constantly switch. Instead of scale continually growing on the tail element, it is cleaned away each time the tail element becomes the lead element. The permeate and concentrate exit the system as from a standard system. Flow Reversal has also been proven to prevent biofouling. This unique design and process enhances water recovery, dramatically reduces the need for cleaning, and has the potential to prolong membrane lifespan.

Flow Reversal technology has been successfully validated by Mekorot (Israel’s national water company), SUEZ, and PUB, and approved by Coca-Cola and many other international brands on all continents.

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