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The Green Village (Hakfar Hayarok)


Pilot phase – 2011, Full Scale 2018


Ramat Hasharon, Israel


100,000 m³/year

Project Type

Drinking water




The Green Village (Hakfar Hayarok) is a youth boarding school for spupils. Built around a vision of innovation and entrepreneurship, it is regarded as a hotbed of excellence and environmental leadership. The Green Village approached ToxSorb seeking an innovative solution to help them meet their water supply requirements in accordance with Ministry of Health (MoH) regulations. The water treatment plant developed by ToxSorb began as a novel pilot. Thanks to outstanding results, it was expanded to a full-scope facility, which is fully operational today, providing clean drinking water to approximately 3,000 people per day, including pupils, staff and residents at The Green Village, and is NSF approved.

The Need

Decades of industrial and agricultural production have led to pervasive perchlorate, nitrate and ethylene-dibromide (EDB) contamination of Israel’s coastal aquifer. The Green Village well was closed by the Israeli authorities due to the (EDB) pollution groundwater.

Years later The Green Village was in desperate need of clean drinking water to supply its residents which required treatment of perchlorate, nitrate, and EDB.
Based on the successful field pilot conducted by ToxSorb under the supervision of the Israeli Health and Water Authority, The Green Village selected ToxSorb to design, construct and operate a full-scale drinking water treatment facility (100,000m³/year) using its patented Modified Activated Carbon (MAC) technology.

The Process

ToxSorb was keen to take on the challenge and conducted a pilot to demonstrate the innovative MAC (Modified Active Carbon), NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved technology.

ToxSorb’s robust platform facilitated the selective removal of perchlorate, EDB ant nitrate from The Green Village’s contaminated well water. Our hybrid system incorporates an intelligent activated carbon substrate that selectively removes both inorganic and organic pollutants and adbsorbs the contaminated substance while preserving its basic properties. The media (activated carbon) is taken from the most exhausted filter and refreshed periodically, operating as a catalytic reactor and the order of the filters is switched, creating a new array. After filtration, the water undergoes RO membrane treatment and then chlorination.

Our novel technology has the advantages of being pollutant specific, durable, and able to handle high capacity levels of pollution, enabling regeneration of the media and elimination of the brine for evacuation. Since the water treatment cost based on the proprietary MAC technology is much lower than the cost of alternative drinking water supply, significant savings are achieved.

Recover Resources, Create Value

ToxSorb managed to reduce the perchlorate level from 150ppb to non-detect levels – below 4ppb, significantly improving the quality of life for people in the Green Village. Today, ToxSorb’s MAC technology outperforms traditional technologies, exhibiting the highest selectivity in the industry, and is the only technology in Israel approved by the Ministry of Health (MoH) as capable of removing perchlorate at a concentration higher than 150ppb. In addition, as a result of the successful operation of the pilot, the Israeli Water Authority (IWA) granted The Green Village an exemption from the water production fee for a period of 10 years.

We enabled The Green Village to realize the full potential of their water resources, while decreasing pollution, lowering costs, and improving public health.

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