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Israel’s water scarcity has long been a major driver of innovation in water technology, and there was much more that can be achieved. Nathan Parsons, Marc Perlman and Ofer Avidan founded WFI, taking a unique approach to solving water challenges. As passionate philanthropists, they dreamed of using Israeli water and wastewater treatment technologies to promote sustainability and public health worldwide. As successful businessmen, they knew that solutions had to be cost-effective to be sustainable.

Rather than looking at water as an expendable resource, we strive to create new value from water, offsetting investment costs by minimizing operational expenses and generating revenue from residuals. Our solutions minimize the eco-footprint of water treatment and focus on reusing resources and promoting public health.

Continually investing in R&D

We also know that game-changing innovation is fueled by robust R&D. Therefore, we invest over 30% of our budget in the long-term R&D that has already led to the development of several revolutionary technologies. We leverage our expertise to provide customized project planning and wastewater management services, including full turnkey responsibility.

Innovative thinking that drives change

In every aspect of our work, we are committed to making a real difference. Beyond our breakthrough technology developments, we also boldly embrace new ways of doing business to generate maximum value for our customers and partners. From novel financial models and the highly responsive way we implement and manage projects, we strive to exceed expectations and drive continuous improvement.

Company Profile
Our Vision
28,620,250,000 L/D
All treated drinking
water worldwide
82,956,000,000 L/Y
Wastewater reuse
capacity worldwide
111,576,250,000  m³/Y
Water cleaned
by WFI worldwide

Established in 2009 and backed by US shareholders, WFI is a solid financial and professional partner.

Our dedicated team of top-notch experts adheres to ISO, MoH and NSF standards in projects on five continents.

With headquarters in Israel, and representatives in the US, Africa, China and Europe,
we have the capability to solve water issues almost anywhere in the world.

Our customers include: Coca Cola, Jacobs, Strauss Group, Nestle, WSC Malta, PUB Singapore, Suez, Kurita, MSI US, Teva, Mekorot, IDF, as well as municipalities, councils, agricultural and industrial plants, tourist sites and more.

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