Experts estimate that nearly
1 in 10 people worldwide
lack access to clean water

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Water scarcity seriously impacts people’s health, wellbeing and development. However, current water treatment technologies are too expensive for many governments in developing countries to implement.
We believe that this reality can and must be changed.

Social Responsibility
Leveraging breakthrough technologies and approaches, we focus on creating eco-friendly water treatment solutions that can provide affordable, safe water to every human being and even become a source of income for communities around the world. With this, we are committed to promoting circular economy solutions and maximizing sustainability by minimizing energy consumption, chemicals and sludge.

As part of our vision derived from genuine care for public health and the environment, We invest in people to improve lives everywhere. We donate funds and resources to numerous health, education, and community organizations in israel and in the us, including:

Ruach Nechona (The Good Spirit), supporting youth in underprivileged communities and lone soldiers, pre- and post-service, who do not have family nearby.

The Misheli (My Own) program run by Katef L’Katef (Shoulder to Shoulder), which helps lone soldiers before, during and after their service.

Tnuat Tarbut (Culture Movement), an NGO that promotes arts education in minority communities in Israel

Iket campus in Israel’s Arava region, where students from dozens of African, Asian and other countries study for a first degree.

Our board members and owners are all active philanthropists. They fund scholarships for students from Africa and Asia to study environmental sciences in Israel, scholarships for academic studies for young Israelis, and environmental education and preservation through the Jewish National Fund (JNF). Our support is also hands-on – the WFI team contributes their skills and expertise by volunteering regularly.

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