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AG Technical






50 m³/day

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment & Reuse




AG Technical – an Italian galvanic factory, specializing in the production of silver-plated metal fasteners for high voltage systems, chose ToxSorb to address the need to retrofit silver filtration system recycling and produce high-quality processed water. The project needed to be completed and delivered during the same year. After starting with a pilot, which demonstrated excellent results after only 1 week, the company invited ToxSorb to establish its full-scale facility. We managed to reduce the plant OPEX by 95% to 1/20 – by cutting the need for regeneration from once a day to once every 3 weeks.

The Need

AG Technical’s water was highly contaminated water with heavy metals such as. The purpose of its systems is to remove the silver from rinsing basins used to wash metal fasteners after being dipped in a concentrated solution for production of silver-plated metal fasteners. Since the factory had highly concentrated silver solutions, ToxSorb’s systems were required to remove heavy spikes of silver quickly, in order to clean the basin before the next rinse.

The Process

In order to treat the rinse water, ToxSorb designed a full-scale filter system. Using its specialized media, ToxSorb treated all three of AG Technical’s silver coating lines. In March 2014, ToxSorb’s system was installed as a kidney attached to the last rinsing tank of each coating line, located after the silver coating and passivation process. The system regeneration component was integrated into ToxSorb’s system, allowing the entire process to be controlled on site as well as remotely from Israel. In order to reduce AG Technical’s capital investment in the project, ToxSorb retrofitted the existing treatment system, using our profound design know-how and specialized media for removal of silver remains from the rinsing basin.

Efficient recycling, huge OPEX savings

ToxSorb’s filtration system reduced the silver concentration in the factory’s rinsing basins, to ensure silver concentration, pH, and EC were all within acceptable parameters. ToxSorb’s system incurred extremely low operational costs due to a meaningful reduction in chemical consumption and media regeneration frequency (by a factor of 20), while maintaining low Electro conductivity value in the washing basin (< 50 μs). Based on the excellent results generated by this novel solution, AG Technical is considering further engaging ToxSorb to treat additional wastewater streams in the factory.

AG Technical increased reuse efficiency, significantly reducing OPEX while boosting water and cost savings, and decreasing chemical consumption.

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