Transform your wastewater into an asset, with our breakthrough biological wastewater treatment technologies, solutions and responsive services that deliver huge cost and energy savings, as well as peace of mind.

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As a business unit of the WFI Group, Triple-T is determined to create meaningful improvements in global sustainability and public health through advanced biological wastewater treatment platforms that support the circular economy.


Promote public health and self-sustainable municipalities, farms and decentralized communities by providing affordable, easy-to-implement and operate, forward-thinking solutions, that enable wastewater reuse autonomy.

With our game-changing solutions based on our proprietary TAYA technology, we offer simple, cost-effective and sustainable solutions that solve the substantial regulatory and cost challenges of wastewater treatment. By dramatically reducing sludge handling, labor requirements, energy consumption and eco-impact, our solutions transform biotreatment of wastewater from a burden into the double asset of clean effluent and near-zero cost.

Our modular “fit and forget” solutions, provided as flexible self-setup and full-service turnkey projects, have been proven to deliver outstanding value in installations worldwide.

Our team of water experts are driven by genuine care and determination to solve wastewater treatment challenges in the most cost-effective and sustainable way.

Leveraging our profound know-how and more than 25 years of experience in the field, we bring the utmost professionalism and integrity to every aspect of our work, from engineering, construction, support, and piloting, to consulting and R&D. Our solutions comply with the most demanding standards, including ISO 9001.

With our deep belief in the power of innovation to enhance the wellbeing of people and our planet, we constantly strive to improve our solutions and service, and drive ever-greater success for our customers.

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