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Petach Tikva, Israel


150 m³/hour

Project Type

Industrial Wastewater Treatment & Reuse




Hadad Brothers is a third-generation family-owned business specializing in the art of crafting silver-plated Judaica. Bringing to life a love of silver design art, Hadad ensures superb quality and unique style for each piece. This commitment to excellence extends to all aspects of its operations. As part of this, Hadad requires outstanding wastewater treatment.

Hadad ordered an industrial wastewater treatment plant from ToxSorb to enable highly efficient rinse water reuse producing high-quality water, and compliance with strict regulations, along with water and cost savings.

The Need

Seeking to upgrade the product water quality and minimize ecological impact, Hadad approached ToxSorb following a strong recommendation from the Ministry of the Environment. ToxSorb’s experience in Zero-Liquid-Discharge (ZLD) solutions, combined with its unique and proprietary MAC filtration and adsorption technology, was a perfect match for Hadad’s goals.

The Process

ToxSorb implemented three different processes at the Hadad site:

The first process is end-of-pipe for the removal of copper silver from industrial wastewater.

The second process is a high-quality rinse water reuse for silver plating polish rinse. In this process, rinse water containing silver-cyanide is treated by destruction of the cyanide with MAC technology, and the silver is adsorbed on an ion exchange resin.

Treatment of spent sulfuric acid by evaporation is the third process implemented by ToxSorb. This technique allows Hadad to greatly reduce haulage costs for the concentrated acid.

Enhancing quality while mitigating eco impact

Hadad Brothers succeeded in complying with the strict environmental regulation, as the effluent copper and silver concentration are below the legal threshold of 0.1 ppm for silver and 1 ppm for copper. ToxSorb’s highly efficient solution based on our novel MAC technology supplies robust high-quality rinsing water with electrical conductivity below 50 uS/cm.

Thanks to ToxSorb’s solution, Hadad Brothers managed to enhance its water and product quality, while alleviating environmental impact. In tandem, the project led to substantial water and cost savings, enhancing productivity.

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