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WFI’s strategic partnerships combine our global expertise with local knowhow, bringing our customers the best of both worlds. We constantly seek partnerships in a wide range of areas, including engineering, production, marketing and financial investment. Working closely together, we create opportunities, drive growth and meet the specialized needs of customers in every geographic area and industry.

Key strategic partners who also serve as our representatives in Europe, USA, South Africa and around the world include:

Ludan Engineering

A multidisciplinary company that offers comprehensive solutions and integrated services for process engineering projects in a wide range of industries and markets. Ludan has extensive technologies and expertise in groundwater and industrial wastewater treatment, soil remediation and gas emissions.
As our engineering partner, Ludan works with WFI to bring leading water technologies to multiple industries throughout Europe, empowering companies from a variety of industries with high performance and adherence to time and budget goals.

Ludan China

An investment partner of WFI’s AST business unit. We work together to create and leverage new business opportunities in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Smart Water Group (SWG)

Represents a consortium of leading water technologies in Israel. SWG is proud to lead a new generation of Israeli water pioneers, committed to solving the world’s greatest water challenges.

As our marketing partner in the US, SWG represents WFI Group, pushing the boundaries of innovation through breakthrough developments in water and wastewater reuse. The company provides customers with local expertise and support via RO optimization, simplifying wastewater reuse, and selectively removing harmful pollutants from water.


A global provider of cutting-edge management and implementation solutions for complex projects in the fields of oil and gas, power and water. With headquarters in Europe, MEB operates and manages projects in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
As an investment partner, MEB works with WFI to alleviate water shortages in arid regions and enable customers to optimize working processes, minimize operation gaps, and achieve high-quality results, enhancing their business performance while saving costs and minimizing impact on the environment.

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