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Industry, public utilities and municipalities need water treatment solutions that provide powerful public health and economic returns on their investment. TOXSORB offers a cost-effective, environmentally sound way to selectively remove inorganic contaminants with extraordinary precision, transforming polluted water into valuable assets. Using our ground-breaking proprietary MAC technology, which is engineered to selectively adsorb inorganic toxins, our solutions further support a circular economy by recovering pollutants that can be converted into valuable assets at near-zero cost. Additionally, for industrial water recycling, our solutions deliver Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) wastewater treatment.

Our end-to-end service offering spans R&D and engineering to pilot demonstration, through to construction and operation. We work hand in hand with customers, providing modular and turnkey solutions that meet their needs and enable them to optimize their core business.

By pinpointing the contaminants and enabling on-site regeneration, ToxSorb solutions minimize brine, reducing OPEX and environmental impact, for enhanced public health and sustainability. Our solutions provide peace of mind and open new revenue streams for our customers.




Our MAC solution is uniquely able to both adsorb pollutants and chemically destroy the perchlorate, during regeneration resulting in non-toxic brine. This produces high-quality drinking water with low OPEX.


High concentration (>20 ppm) of perchlorate is treated with precipitation technology. This technology removes the perchlorate from the solution and recover it as potassium perchlorate, a potential additional revenue stream.


Our media is extremely effective at selectively removing chromium from drinking water and industrial wastewater, meeting EPA ppb requirements, even in unfavorable water conditions with a high concentration of other salts. This increases water reuse, dramatically reduces evacuation cost, and enhances water safety and quality.


Highly toxic in high concentrations, arsenate in water threatens millions of people worldwide. We offer one of the few solutions capable of removing arsenate to extremely low levels. Overcoming significant economic and technological challenges, via exceptional selectivity, affinity and media regeneration, our solutions enable highly safe and cost-effective purification of water.


Our breakthrough solutions enable exceptional and cost-effective removal of phosphate from water to sub ppm levels. With our revolutionary recovery technology, which uses 80-90% less chemicals than alternatives, our solutions deliver increased water and cost savings while mitigating environmental impact.


One of the most prevalent pollutants in agricultural wastewater, Ammonia is a significant threat to the environment. On the other hand, it is also in high demand as an effective fertilizer for intensive agriculture. We are developing solutions that efficiently and effectively strip ammonia from agricultural wastewater so that both the water and the ammonia can be reused as a valuable resource.


Although nitrate is a pollutant in water, it is also a valuable resource that can be converted into fertilizer. Our solution utilizes a conventional ion exchange (IX) process to remove the nitrate, producing clean, safe drinking water. The resulting brine is then fed into our proprietary carbon-based reactor, where the nitrate is eliminated from the brine and recovered as a high-quality potassium nitrate fertilizer. The clean, nitrate-free brine can then be reused for regeneration. This technique can be conducted at near-zero cost, shifting from savings to growth.



Safe and clean drinking water with ecological and economical savings (near zero cost) –
due to no brine haulage and fertilizer production


In ToxSorb solutions, water is filtered through our MAC technology to target a specific pollutant, outperforming traditional technologies. MAC utilizes modified carbon as a selective ion exchange, with a strong affinity to the targeted pollutant, capturing it within the filter. When the filter is at full capacity, it can be regenerated onsite. Because pollutants are removed without needing to add large quantities of salt to the water, our solutions create minimal brine – enabling exceptionally cost-effective and sustainable water treatment.





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