WFI's water value creators deliver proven game-changing water and wastewater treatment solutions for water pollution, ranging from design to O&M, including financing tools, based on proprietary technologies. Shifting from savings to growth, WFI enables mitigation of global water scarcity and pollution for a safe and healthy environment, promoting the circular economy.


Water nourishes life. It’s vital to our health, ecosystems and economy. Coming from a dry country, we care deeply about conserving water and maintaining a healthy environment.

Committed to making a real difference, we bring innovation to everything we do. This stretches from developing breakthrough technologies and solutions, to bold thinking in our novel financial models.

Leveraging our profound know-how and proven experience, we work closely with global customers to create sustainable, economically viable, water treatment and reuse solutions. We also structure project financing to meet customers’ specific criteria.

By promoting the circular economy and creating financial and environmental value from water, we transform water challenges into opportunities for growth.


Our Vision

Creating new value
from water to enhance
public health and
28,620,250,000 L/Y
Treated drinking water
82,956,000,000 L/Y
Wastewater reuse capacity
111,576,250,000  L/Y
Water cleaned by WFI

Challenge The Flow

ROTEC uses ground-breaking water desalination technology to boost water recovery and push the boundaries of reverse osmosis (RO) desalination.

Water production is impeded by mineral scaling on membranes during desalination. ROTEC’s proprietary Flow Reversal prevents mineral scaling by regularly switching the saline stream flow direction. This significantly increases water production and reduces brine, while minimizing the eco-footprint of the desalination plants and enhancing their performance. Whether you’re looking to retrofit an existing desalination facility risk-free, or to implement a new project, ROTEC will help you achieve more with water.

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Simplify Wastewater Reuse

Triple-T introduces a new way to use biological processes to treat wastewater for reuse in irrigation and industry.

Decentralized communities frequently lack the resources and manpower to treat municipal wastewater and agricultural manure efficiently. Triple-T solves that problem by providing simple “fit and forget” biological waste treatment solutions. Utilizing our proprietary TAYA technology, we significantly diminish sludge, making operation easy, and minimize labor and operational costs. With Triple-T, even extremely remote communities can sustainably achieve affordable water autonomy and peace of mind.

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Renew Water Value

ToxSorb removes inorganic contaminants with exceptional selectivity, transforming polluted water into safe and valuable assets.

Industry, public utilities and municipalities are often forced to choose between discarding polluted water or investing in industrial effluent treatments that aren’t economically viable. ToxSorb changes the paradigm with MAC technology, providing drinking water and industrial wastewater treatment solutions that are both cost effective and environmentally sound. By minimizing brine haulage and chemicals consumption, regenerating substances, and precisely extracting pollutants for conversion into profitable assets, ToxSorb reduces eco-footprint, decreases costs to near zero and promotes the circular economy.

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Outperform Water

AST provides expert planning and management for integrating cutting-edge water treatment technologies and projects worldwide.

Planning and implementing a water treatment project can be overwhelming. AST makes it easier by leveraging our vast in-house engineering experience, proprietary technologies, and strategic partnerships to provide modular and turnkey integrated water treatment systems and solutions. We plan and implement sustainable water and wastewater projects for blue-chip customers, meeting the highest international standards and maximizing ROI. From concept through development and deployment, our agile approach delivers holistic solutions and clear water value.

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Technologies that tackle the world’s
toughest water challenges

Big challenges call for big thinking. Our in-house, long-term investment in R&D focuses on finding and delivering game-changing water treatment solutions that generate economic value and support both public health and the environment.
Discover our flagship technologies that are already transforming how water is treated and learn more about the exciting new developments in the WFI pipeline that are poised to drive global progress.


ROTEC maximizes water recovery and savings with Flow Reversal RO desalination technology


Triple-T makes biological wastewater treatment simple and affordable with TAYA hybrid technology


ToxSorb transforms polluted water into valuable assets, achieving non-detect levels with MAC technology

OUR Partners

We form strategic alliances with customers across industry, government, municipalities and agriculture. Our business partners, all carefully selected leaders in their fields, work closely with us to meet a wide range of water treatment needs around the globe.


The TAYA ECO GO for greenfield or retrofitted plants, is specifically designed for decentralized communities and remote resorts, with a fast and easy set up of only 2 weeks!
This eco-friendly, cost-effective solution enables effluent reuse for irrigation, huge energy and cost savings, and peace of mind. Watch how!

Watch how!

WFI water innovation is making a splash

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