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A leading metal processing plant






800 m³/day

Project Type

Industrial Wastewater Treatment – Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)




AST was requested to design and construct an industrial wastewater treatment plant in a metal processing plant in Greece, with a capacity of 35 m³/h, producing ZLD (zero liquid discharge) wastewater. The project was completed within 12 months and immediately became fully operational. Due to AST’s solution the customer avoided closure of the plant as well as a massive fine, while minimizing environmental impact.


Operational for half a century, the company is an essential player in Transit Packaging Solutions, designing and manufacturing complete wrapping, strapping and carton sealing systems, and operating production units in Europe and the US. The customer faced the challenge of heavy fines of millions of dollars and needed treatment of extremely contaminated water from their industrial plant in Greece, as the wastewater was polluting a nearby stream. They approached AST due to our solid reputation, through a partnership between a local Israeli engineering company specializing in chemical treatment in the process industry. The company managed the process, AST executed a pilot in Israel and then scaled it up to a full scope Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plant.

The Process

Implementing unique equipment such as a patented AOP kit, MF Tubular membrane systems and high-efficiency processes, AST enabled the industrial plant to increase recovery of high-quality water permeate that met the required production spec.

AST established and constructed the plant in Israel and shipped it to Greece upon completion. Using a local sub-contractor, we then constructed the full plant with global components and were responsible for integration and project management in Greece.

The pilot began in April 2008 and was completed in June 2008. Construction took place in Israel in April 2009, then assembly took place in Greece and the site was completed and operational in September 2009 with successful operation, including on-going O&M for many years.

Guaranteed, Affordable Water with Minimal Eco-Footprint

The project required complex integration, project management expertise and skills, as well as multi-national experience and agility. It was completed within 1 year and immediately became fully operational.

We helped our customer avoid closure of their industrial plant and a massive fine, while minimizing environmental impact.

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