How TOXSORB Helps Facilities Improve Their Drinking Water Treatment Processes

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Water is the most important resource on the planet. It’s absolutely essential for life everywhere, turning access to clean drinking water the top goal in any community. However, ensuring access to clean drinking water is no minor task.

Drinking water treatment is a complex process that involves many steps to deal with a wide range of contaminants. TOXSORB provides solutions for drinking water treatment that address some of the most hazardous contaminants in an economical, sustainable, and effective way.

The Drinking Water Treatment Process

Drinking water can come from a wide range of unique sources. Groundwater, reservoirs, and other sources provide a steady feed for drinking water treatment facilities. Here, a series of processes address both organic and inorganic contaminants.

The water source may contain dirt, plant matter, and other contaminants at that scale. Coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation processes are used to remove these particles. Additives are used to cause particles to bind together into larger groups that settle at the bottom of a tank, allowing for the clear water to continue flowing.

There is then a physical filtration system consisting of gravel, sand, charcoal, and other filter media. This removes remaining particles and many types of organic and inorganic contaminants. Additional disinfection is required to deal with remaining bacteria, parasites, and viruses that pose a significant threat. Chlorination is the most common type of disinfection used.


These drinking water treatment steps are highly effective in dealing with the specific contaminants they target. However, there is a wide range of soluble contaminants that they do not address. These can be present in different concentrations at different water sources and are sometimes at dangerous levels. A solution is needed to deal with these contaminants as well.

Additional Drinking Water Contaminants

Water can contain a variety of minerals, salts, and other chemical compounds that are unaffected by precipitation

and are not absorbed by charcoal or other filter media. These include compounds like chromium, cyanide, perchlorate, phosphate, nitrate, ammonia, lead, arsenic, and more. Contaminants like these can have both immediate and long-term health effects, so they must be dealt with as well.

However, this introduces a significant challenge for many drinking water treatment facilities. 

These contaminants require highly targeted tertiary treatment steps.  Many of the contaminants must be addressed by implementing specific processes and equipment that only serve to deal with that specific contaminant, increasing capital and operating costs disproportionately.

When these contaminants are present in the drinking water source, facilities cannot simply ignore them. They must implement a solution that works but is also economically feasible and environmentally sustainable. TOXSORB can provide such a solution.

Economical and Sustainable Drinking Water Treatment

TOXSORB provides proven drinking water treatment solutions based on our proprietary MAC technology to deliver safe and clean drinking water. This unique approach to selective contaminant removal allows facilities to eliminate specific contaminants present in their drinking water source, including chromium, cyanide, perchlorate, and more.

This technology is highly effective, reducing contaminants to non-detect levels and achieving the highest international standards for drinking water. TOXSORB provides viable situations that allow organizations to turn more water sources into valuable drinking water.

The unique Modified Activated Carbon (MAC) technology combines the best aspects of multiple drinking water treatment processes. MAC provides selective targeting of inorganic contaminants while maintaining the activated carbon’s natural adsorption capacity for organic contaminants. The technology further serves as a catalyst for the destruction of certain pollutants, as opposed to filtration and removal.

TOXSORB’s MAC technology reduces operational costs. Facilities benefit from direct material and haulage savings. Along with low maintenance, energy, and OPEX, the technology benefits the environment due to a low ecological footprint.

A Different Experience With TOXSORB

TOXSORB by WFI Group provides custom clean water treatment processes for facilities at any scale, dealing with any unique combination of organic and inorganic contaminants. Our dedicated team stays with you through this end-to-end solution, from R&D and engineering to construction and operation.

Our services are backed by our full-service laboratory, providing the best in drinking water analysis and development. TOXSORB has been providing drinking water treatment solutions for over a decade and can help industrial plants, water utilities, and organizations with a customized process that addresses their needs for economical, sustainable, and effective drinking water treatment.

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