EPC Wastewater Treatment Facility Enables 95% Recovery

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A manufacturer of printed circular boards needed to replace an existing wastewater treatment facility, so they turned to TOXSORB, a WFI business division, for an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) solution. The existing plant reused only 70% of the wastewater, while the new plant enables more than 95% wastewater recovery.

The 25% rise in water reuse is ascribed to TOXSORB’s game-changing MAC technology. MAC selectively removes inorganic contaminants, while preserving the capability to absorb organic contaminants, via modification of traditional activated carbon. The technology introduces cost-effective and sustainable selective adsorption. The MAC platforms can be regenerated using a simple chemical process that extracts the pollutant. Because the media can be continuously reused, it eliminates replacement costs.

The company implemented a new design which handled several streams of varying effluent quality. One of the streams generated high-quality effluent <0.1 µs/cm enabling high wastewater reuse – resulting in less water consumption and sewage discharge.  MAC made it easier to comply with stringent regulations, as it utilizes Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) wastewater treatment with no discharge into the sewage system.

By achieving non-detect levels, MAC ensured the high water quality critical to the factory’s highly sensitive industrial processes, while delivering substantial water savings due to the smart reuse system.

The EPC project spanned from design and engineering, through to construction and operation. TOXSORB worked hand in hand with the customer to provide a turnkey EPC solution that met their needs.

TOXSORB’s solutions based on the proprietary MAC technology enable removal of chromium, cyanide, perchlorate, copper, lead and other pollutants. The catalytic breakdown of pollutants significantly reduces the residual volume for disposal. Because 100% of the post-regeneration brine can be safely discharged, it also dramatically reduces haulage costs.


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