Delivering High Quality Drinking Water with Advanced Water Treatment Technologies

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Disadvantaged Californians exposed to unsafe drinking water

A new study published in American Journal of Public Heath, conducted by the University of California, Berkley and the University of California, Los Angeles, shows that at least 370,000 Californians are exposed to drinking water contaminated with one or more of the following contaminants — Nitrate, Hexavalent Chromium, Arsenic, and 1,2,3- Trichloropropane. It also emphasizes the disturbing correlation between available safe drinking water and specific communities. The results of this study remind the TOXSORB team of the significance of our drinking clean water technologies treatments and our focus on providing solutions with minimal operation costs and environmental impact.

Drinking water treatment system safely eliminates chromium

TOXSORB’s Chrome Hybrid technology, based on our proprietary NP2 platform, enables the reuse of brine by eliminating the toxic hexavalent chromium by means of adsorption, reduction, and precipitation. It eliminates chromium without the addition of ferrous or any other electron donors to the water that usually prevent reuse of the brine. The NP2 platform was tested and approved by NSF/ANSI 61 as a certified medium for drinking water treatment. The combination of ion exchange technology with Chrome Hybrid allows zero hazardous liquid discharge and enables a reliable circular process of water purification and regeneration.

Game changing Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) treatment

TOXSORB’s Nitrate Brine Technology (NBT) enables the reduction of nitrate from regeneration brine. NBT is a modular component combined with a traditional ion exchange platform and enables continuous operation of the nitrate removal system.

NBT does not affect chloride concentration, the dominant regenerant ion needed for the elution of nitrate from the exhausted column. NBT creates a near Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) advantage and can become a game changer in nitrate removal from groundwater.


Our products can help overcome the main drawback of groundwater remediation — the production and hauling of hazardous liquids — by the use of ion exchange media, thereby taking a giant step towards the provision of affordable drinking water to all communities.

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