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ROTEC is proud to announce a collaborative agreement with Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, to deploy our innovative Flow Reversal – Reverse Osmosis (FR-RO) technology at the RO seawater desalination plant in Sabha, Eilat in Israel.

Last week our CEO, , attended a signing ceremony to celebrate the agreement alongside our chairman, Boaz Shitzer, and Mekorot’s VP of Engineering and Technology, Moti Shiri. The project is funded in part by the Israel Innovation Authority in an effort to demonstrate groundbreaking Israeli technologies at industrial scale.

The Flow Reversal Technology will be implemented via retrofit of Mekorot’s existing SWRO plant with the goal of dramatically increasing the desalination recovery rate on the 2nd-pass Boron-removal array.

Our novel FR-RO system operates by periodically switching the flow direction of the saline stream in traditional RO pressure vessels to prevent scaling, significantly increasing recovery rates and reducing operational costs. This proprietary technology has been successfully installed in countries around the world with leading industrial and municipal clients.

Many thanks for the support of the Israel Innovation Authority , Mekorot’s WaTech innovation team, and the rest of the Desalination and Special Projects Division. And of course continued gratitude to the dedicated and talented team at ROTEC for helping us achieve another significant milestone.

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